Founders Timothy Poulton
and Tim Donnelly created
One Of A Kind Photography Adventures to offer the landscape photography industry affordable adventures around

the world.


Anyone who has been atop a mountain will know that feeling of accomplishment, of the trials, hiccups and hijinks that it took to get there. Whether it took you one hour, or one week, you won that challenge. The challenge against your inner self, your doubts, fears and insecurities that were trying their best to drag you down like dead weights with each step you took. Through strength of mind, character and conviction you reached the summit. You ignored their self-defeating cries of “you can’t, you aren’t worthy, why bother” and turned them into “I can. I am and I have.” It’s a special blend of adrenaline that can’t be bottled, bought or traded. You have to put in the hard yards to feel this high.


My name is Timothy Poulton and I am a landscape photographer from Sydney, Australia, with a big passion for the outdoors. My photographic heart beats for hunting down the very best light from the very best location. More often than not, this takes me up mountains before the break of dawn, or down a ski slope on my jacket-come-sled after the last vestiges of sunset are fading away. I’m an adrenaline junkie for that moment where the sky is ablaze with the most magnificent colors and shapes, it is humbling knowing there is a force bigger than all of us combined. I always feel privileged to be alive, in good health and witnessing earth’s orchestra reaching the crescendo coupled with a light show like no other. The earth is jam-packed with experiences for humans, but very few left that are unadulterated by modern technology which seeks a permanent place within it all.


Being a resident of Sydney, Australia, all his life, the beach has been a constant source of inspiration for Tim Donnelly. Whether be visiting for a swim, board, relaxation, or taking the kids for fun, the beaches are a familiar friend. Since purchasing his first DSLR in 2007 and being fascinated by its mechanics, photography opened up a whole new way to view the sea. The construction and composition of photos meant new endless possibilities for visiting & exploring the beaches that he loves.


The passion has grown since that first click – and so being sided with friends or marching solo, many adventures and explorations from sea to mountain top have been pursued. The vast amount of pain, sweat and time dedicated to these trips are a testament to his love of the art. However, for this photographer, the results in his gallery or awards are not the only measure of his commitment. The love and passion for finding new vista’s, drives a motivation inside that continues to push his boundaries of what can be captured. We truly are blessed to have such a varied landscape across our planet & with passion, friends & Mother Nature's help, the journey shall continue.





Mt Kosciuszko Adventure

Join award winning photographers

Timothy Poulton & Tim Donnelly exploring the backcountry of the Australian Alps.

Tasmania Cradle to Coast

Join Timothy Poulton on this EPIC Adventure from Cradle Mountain to the

Bay Of Fires Tasmania

Matterhorn & Dolomites

Join Timothy Poulton and Max Campbell on this incredible autumn adventure to the Swiss and Italian Alps.