We had an incredibly delightful trip with you and the others at the Panorama Workshop in South Island New Zealand.  Your attention to detail and knowledge of the areas we visited were to be commended.  Always prompt, always had a plan but flexible to the desires and wishes of the attendees made the experience even that much better.


The accommodations were all top notch as was the food and company.  Thank you again for all you did to make us feel welcome and for sharing your immense knowledge of photography and the beauty of NZ.

We will definitely do another trip with you and OOAK Adventures.


Best light


Greg and Kirsten Call





"What brought me to the Canadian Rockies, was a One Of A Kind (OOAK) photography tour that my friend, Timothy Poulton was hosting alongside Chris Collacott and Sarah Hatton. For as long as I’ve been into photography, I hadn’t considered joining a tour, mostly due to what I consider as excessive costs. However, upon inspecting the per day cost of the OOAK tour, the costs turned out to be somewhat comparable and in line with a self guided trip, but with the added bonus of having professional photographers guiding us around the best locations within the Canadian Rockies.


As a travel and landscape photographer, it’s hard to fathom that it’s taken me so long to travel to the Canadian Rockies. Straddling the border of British Columbia and Alberta, the Canadian Rockies forms part of the stretch of mountains that span from the Northwestern tip of Canada, all the way to New Mexico in the U.S.


Created over millions of years as a result of tectonic plates, bumping and grinding, the Canadian Rockies is what I can best describe as one of the most stunning ranges that I’ve ever laid eyes upon.


Another reason why I chose to go on this tour was that it was the perfect opportunity to focus on improving my craft. Most of what I’ve achieved to date with my photography has been self taught – mainly through reading other photography blogs as well as watching copious hours of Youtube tutorials.


I went through a phase of constantly upgrading my gear, but I’ve accepted the fact that acquiring more gear isn’t going to make my images any better. The only way forward was to invest in experiences alongside photographers whom I respect; pick their brains and ask the questions required in order to take my photography to the next level.


Also, traveling solo for two and a half years can be quite lonesome, so hanging out with like minded individuals to get up at 4am every morning for twelve days can’t be a bad thing, right?"


Jimmy Dau






"Adventure photography with OOAK, wow where to even begin. I guess I'll start at the beginning. My first tour with OOAK was Western Australia in 2015. I'd been following Timothy Poulton's work for a while and booked to go on the W.A tour a year before we were scheduled to leave. There was always so much enthusiasm and excitement surrounding his tours I was keen to be a part of it. I'll never forget the day we all met up at Perth airport. Tim was the last to arrive and some of the others on his tour (who had been on his tours before) started getting all their camera gear ready right then and there on the airport floor.


I remember saying 'wow you're keen’ and they just looked up all serious, and said 'you’ve never been on an OOAK tour before have you? Trust me you wanna be ready’. At that point I was thinking 'wow, I hope I can keep up', later I realised I needn't have worried; if taking photos excites you, you will be able to keep up! Especially being around others who enjoy it as much as you do. So then Timothy strolls up to greet the group. Timothy would have to be one of the most excitable people I've ever met, and after we shook hands I could see he was itching to start the tour. We went straight to the hotel with a quick unpack then off to the park overlooking Perth city for sunset shots. The week followed with sunrise and sunset shots at various locations along the coast. Consisting of early mornings, late nights and driving during the day. Everyone on the tour got along great and I really enjoyed chatting with everyone and making new friends. I didn't realise how much meeting like-minded people can really put you in a good mood! At that point of my photographic career, I had yet to learn how to do panoramas and I had just bought the NiSi Filter System off Tim and wasn't used to it yet, so I asked as many questions as I could to try and learn from the best. Tim, as well as others on that tour, took the time to share that knowledge with me and I'm glad I badgered them as much as I did. After I got back from W.A the first thing I thought off was organising to do another tour.


So I signed up for the NZ trip. Much like the first trip, we drove to various locations shooting sunrise and sunset in some of the most beautiful places in the world! We spent a whole day at one of the hotels in a conference room learning editing techniques. I learned so much and I would say my editing has improved vastly since. So as soon as I got back from NZ, guess what I wanted to another OOAK tour. This time to the big kahuna, PATAGONIA. This was the one Timothy and all his guides recommended for me to go on. I love hiking and camping and roughing it to be in stunning places that you can only get to by hiking in and out, so I was told to get on that one. So I did.


I just got back from Patagonia with OOAK in April and all I can say is WOW! The rugged beauty of that place is like no other. The entire experience was the best experience of my life. Every aspect of it! Even the not so pleasant aspects, I wouldn't change for anything. I was sore, cold and tired, a lot. Hiking and camping in freezing cold temperatures in the mountains will do that to you. But it's experiences like that that let you know you're living. I'll never forget waking up in the dark, packing up our tents in the freezing cold and hiking 45 mins to our sunrise location (the prettiest waterfall I've ever seen), getting there and setting up our cooker to make a cup of tea while we waited for the sun to light up the peaks; or having a few drinks at our camp at Lake Pehoe, watching the clouds drift over the surrounding peaks and hiking one of the prettiest tracks I've ever had the privilege to hike into mountains at the base of Cerro Torre and setting up tents in an all but practically empty campsite. I could go on and on with the memories I have of this place and how my fellow OOAK trippers influenced the experience. I will always look back on my time there fondly.


All the OOAK trips have the same thing in common: stunning locations, friendly like minded people, unforgettable experiences and awesome guides! I have to say I enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone on the tours just as much as the photos and the pretty scenery! I have learnt so much and I personally feel like I have come a long way photographically since doing the trips.


As well as made heaps of new friends. If you are thinking of going on an OOAK tour I can tell you now it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!


Kate Werner







"I've been on two adventures with Tim and will be going on a third in December. Why do I keep going? The group sizes are small, the locations are epic and the itineraries are flexible! If you go on a trip with Tim, you're guaranteed to come away with not just new insight into photography, but new friends too.  It's truly one of a kind!"


Tristan Todd












"When it comes to photography adventures and tours, One Of A Kind Photography Adventures is second to none.


Timothy Poulton, the owner of OOAK, is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, friendly, and downright awesome. By the time the photo adventure ends, you'll find yourself wishing that it could continue for days and weeks longer. What's more, Tim always makes it feel like a family affair. You come to the tour as a stranger but you leave as part of a family.


I've been with Tim on several Patagonia tours. Even though I'm an established photographer, and don't need any assistance behind the lens, I still find that Tim's location knowledge and expertise is well worth paying for. In other words, he gets me to where I need to be -- and he consistently does it day in and day out. In my book, that's priceless. Indeed, whether you're a beginner photographer just starting out or a seasoned pro who just needs to be in the right place at the right time, OOAK can't be beat.


I could continue to wax eloquent but I think you get the point: One Of A Kind is an established tour operator with impeccable credentials. You'll find that your hard-earned money is being well spent with these guys. You'll come away with great images, great memories, and a bunch of new friends to boot.


If you're looking for a photography adventure, and you're looking for the best, One Of A Kind Photography Adventures should be at the top of

your list."


Mark Handy







One Of A Kind tours has been by far the best experiences I've had since taking up photography only 4 short years ago.

They take care of everything from accommodation to finding alternative locations if the weather turns bad.


I highly recommend a tour with these guys they are not just a photography guide they WILL end up being a close friend also.


Rodney Anderson




When it comes to photography, I’m still fairly new to the scene. It only took me 10+ years to sink my teeth in and buy my first DSLR in 2014.

I was somewhat blessed with some prior knowledge and Photoshop skills so I picked it up quicker than most.


When I found One Of A Kind through some personal contacts, I knew instantly it was one hell of a cool group to be a part of and it wasn’t long before I signed up to my first trip – New Zealand West Coast workshop in 2015. Ironically, I was living in Greymouth at the time, so it was more or less driving around my extended neighbourhood. It was awesome regardless, given I don’t particularly enjoy travelling around on my own.

Tim and crew aren’t afraid to show you a trick or two, or to share their “secrets.” There are no business secrets in OOAK. They don’t shy away from sharing their method of taking a shot or how they post-process. They’re your guides, teachers, comrades, and friends before you know it.

I have now done a fair few trips with OOAK, and it is better every time. They listen to your feedback and improve from their last.


What I love most about OOAK is that it is not all about photography. As much as it’s about photography, it’s about the people. You don’t come to an OOAK trip to just take a few good photos around some awesome locations. You come to make new friends, share the journey and most of all, have a ball.


Euna Sahng

New Zealand West Coast 2015

New Zealand Autumn Assault 2016

Tasmania 2017

New Zealand Panoramic Workshop 2018






I have done a few workshops in my time, but none better than the adventure to New Zealand with OOAK Adventures. It was truly an adventure with a talented group of semi-professional photographers from all over the globe, led by two leaders in their field, Timothy Poulton and Chris Collacott. OOAK ran a really slick tour with fantastic accommodation and transport.


For 10 days, Tim and Chris pushed us to perfect the art of landscape photography and taught us other advanced techniques. The flexibility in the tour allowed them to make sure we were in a location for the good light. It was truly an adventure, hiking in all kinds of weather, doing additional activities such as choppering in to some locations.


It was truly one of the best adventures I have ever had, with great people and a lot of laughs. I loved it and will be back!


Rowena English







Ironically, I stumbled upon OOAK completely by accident.  I live in the US and shoot primarily commercial photography. Landscape photography is something I do for myself. I enjoy traveling by myself and have done so for about the past 6 years.


I found that my sense of adventure was growing exponentially, so I joined up with another tour group (not OOAK) that took me to a location that I was hesitant to travel to alone (Iceland). The experience was ok, but I found myself in a large group of photographers, most of whom were very new to the craft. Other than getting me to the location I so desired to travel to, I found that I had little in common with most and spent the majority of my time alone. I began googling new locations that were on my bucket list radar, Patagonia being at the top of that list.  After days of searching the interweb, up popped the OOAK website.


I shook my head after vowing not to go on another photo tour, but read on.  The Patagonia tour was sold out for the year, but there happened to be one spot left on the Canadian Rockies tour.  I saw that Tim’s tour went to Mt Assiniboine, the one place I had not been in Canada, and always wanted to go.  Again, it is not an easy spot to get to alone.. but I grappled with the idea of another “photo tour”. I sent Tim an e-mail, which he immediately responded to. Something about his response  compelled me to sign up that same day.  I can say without hesitation that the OOAK tour was nothing like the tour I had previously been on.


This was not a babysitting expedition, but a small group of incredibly talented photographers with the same sense of adventure and desires as myself.  My expectations when I signed up on this trip were to shoot at a location that I had dreamed of going to.. and to (maybe) learn a few new things along the way.  In the end, those two things were such a small part of the entire experience.  I really don’t think I can put into words how over the top the adventures, stories, laughter and experiences were.


Tim went above and beyond, dealing with ever changing conditions from wildfires to snow storms, but always kept one step in front of it all and never faltered. Tim is clearly “one of a kind”,  the absolute best at what he does. My original expectations were so far exceed, I can honestly say that this was one of the best times I have ever had in my life.


I came away with kindred friendships that will last a lifetime and stories that will make me smile for the rest of my life.  Oh ya.. and some great images too :)


Leah Horstman








"Without OOAK Adventures I would never have traveled to these locations and get the opportunity to photograph amazing landscapes.


On each trip you get everything you need.  Adventure, weather, epic light, amazing locations, fun, laughs and the chance to make some great friends. Make a booking now.  You WILL NOT regret it!"


Scott Abercrombie





"One of the most exciting things that has happened in my photography journey is being part of the OOAK network. I have been on two trips now and can't wait to go on another!


My first trip was to Western Australia.  I didn't know anyone on the trip beforehand so it was a bit of a stab in the dark but I appreciated the thread that Tim set up set up in Facebook messages for communication so that I got to chat with the others and by the time we met I felt like I knew them already!  This trip was an exploratory trip, the places we went to were new to everyone and we got some pretty good shots at iconic places. The beauty of OOAK trips is that you WILL get up before dawn and stay out in remote places at sunset, something that is much more difficult to do on your own.  Then each night we retreated to comfortable warm accommodation.  I got my gear sorted out on this trip and Tim got me organised with my new tripod and pano head.


During the day we were either traveling to the next sunset location or if we had two nights in the same location then we had time to watch the more experienced in the group undertaking some post-processing on their shots. This was very useful for me at that time and when I got home I looked up some of the techniques and have used them ever since.  Everyone was really great and I have made some really good friends from that trip. Supporting each other on our photographic journeys continued long after that trip.


My second trip was more complex, It was OOAK'S first trip in Iceland.

This time we had the elements to contend with and a punishing schedule to get round the island and shoot at as many iconic places as we could. Tim and Mark were excellent drivers and handled difficult weather and road conditions very expertly. Iconic spots were chosen.  It was here that I saw the Northern Lights for the first time. It was worth nearly freezing to death to get shots that I will treasure forever and to see those lights soaring and pulsing silently across the dark sky. Then there was Jokulsalon, where ice-bergs the size of cars carve off a great glacier and float down through a lagoon and out to sea, only to get smashed back onto the shore. These were only two of the fabulous locations that we visited.


We were a bit sleep deprived on this trip, but who cares, by getting up ahead of the dawn we mostly had the attractions to ourselves to photograph without 'other'  tourists in the way and of course to take advantage of the early light. On an OOAK trip you need to be flexible, as grabbing the opportunity to take photos comes first and sometimes eating just has to be fitted around that.  Each night we had really great accommodation which varied from modern motels to a character filled Icelandic farmhouse. We also had the chance for useful 1x1 post-processing sessions with Tim and Mel Sinclair.


So if you have been thinking about going on an OOAK trip don't procrastinate any more, just do it!"


Chris Kirby








“I had such a wonderful time with Timothy and Sarah on a OOAK tour to New Zealand’s South Island in winter. It was fun, educational and well organised. I felt that we were each given the time and space to work independently or to ask for advice when we needed it.


The places we visited were phenomenal, and Timothy made every effort to make sure we were there at the perfect time. I look forward to my next OOAK adventure!”


Arwen Dyer