Timothy Poulton & Tim Donnelly created One Of A Kind Photography Adventures to offer photographers affordable adventures and workshops around the world. Teaming up with some of the industries incredible talent.


Being a resident of Sydney, Australia, all his life, the beach has been a constant source of inspiration for Tim Donnelly. Whether be visiting for a swim, board, relaxation, or taking the kids for fun, the beaches are a familiar friend. Since purchasing his first DSLR in 2007 and being fascinated by its mechanics, photography opened up a whole new way to view the sea. The construction and composition of photos meant new endless possibilities for visiting & exploring the beaches that he loves.


The passion has grown since that first click – and so being sided with friends or marching solo, many adventures and explorations from sea to mountain top have been pursued. The vast amount of pain, sweat and time dedicated to these trips are a testament to his love of the art. However, for this photographer, the results in his gallery or awards are not the only measure of his commitment. The love and passion for finding new vista’s, drives a motivation inside that continues to push his boundaries of what can be captured. We truly are blessed to have such a varied landscape across our planet & with passion, friends & Mother Nature's help, the journey shall continue.


Anyone Timothy Poulton is a man who does not do things by halves. His love of evolving technology and adventure has taken him on a thrill-seeking career ride, with pursuits ranging from car racing to spinning records at early 90s warehouse raves in his home country of Australia. In 2007 his brother who was living in Tokyo at the time invited him to photograph the famous cherry blossom season, igniting a passion for landscape photography that has led him to explore some of the planet’s most remote corners.


Pushing new technology to its limits, Timothy became a pioneer of digital panoramic photography, working with Novoflex and developing techniques in panoramic tilt-shift photography and processing to make landscape photography accessible to a wider audience. In 2011 his image ‘Shocking Bondi’ scooped the prize for the International Aperture Awards, catapulting his profile to be recognised as one of the world’s leading landscape photographers. A slew of awards and magazine covers followed along with an invitation to judge the Epson Pano Awards and endorsement by brands including Seven Friday, Sirui and Affinity.


Between teaching and touring with his business One Of A Kind Photography Adventures, Timothy lives in Sydney Australia with his wife, memoir writer and comedian Katie M Little. Together they have three children who share a love of creating whether it be through sound, visuals or words and a passion for protecting the natural environment.




Named in 2017 as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Adventure Photographers in the world, Christin Douglas is a self-taught landscape and wilderness photographer who grew up in the Florida Keys and now calls Boulder, CO home.


The focus of her photography is to capture the true essence of earth’s awe-inspiring beauty, from its backyard wonders to its wild, remote outposts.  From the serene to the dramatic, Christin works to incorporate elements of light, shadows, and natural contours into each landscape.  Some of her favorite places to shoot include Iceland, Patagonia, the Canadian and American Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest.


“From an early age I have been drawn to the outdoors and exploring all the wonders of this great planet.  For me, photography is a way to share my love of nature and fuel my passion for all things creative.  Every sunset…every falling leaf…every angle in which light hits the water…is unique, every second of every day.  The opportunity to capture these moments and share them with others; to transport someone to a special place, even if just for a moment – is both incredibly gratifying and deeply humbling.  I’m on a never-ending quest to explore, create, and inspire.  I take inspiration from the words of Pablo Neruda: He who does not travel, who does not read, who does not listen to music, who does not find grace in himself, who does not find grace in herself, dies slowly.“


"Chris Collacott's approach to photographing Vancouver's familiar architecture reveals a unique perspective. These meticulously detailed images turn our common views into monumental scenes"

- Art Rentals and Sales, Operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery


"It’s no secret that Collacott is one of Western Canada’s best landscape photographers, and he has been one of Vancity Buzz’s long-running favourites and most-featured"

- Vancity Buzz


Chris Collacott, is an international award-winning photographer who is known for his stunning natural landscape, architecture, and cityscape images. He specializes in large-scale panoramic photos, which are created by merging a collection of shots of a chosen subject, resulting in captivating and beautifully detailed prints. Though some of his works are mastered through the use of digital technology, it is a steady hand and adherence to age-old photographic principles that makes his photos come to life – composition, location and an eye for the dramatic.


Collacott’s most notable accomplishments include having one of his Vancouver Skyline photos showcased on a 23-foot mural in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Athletes Village, and being a featured artist at the prestigious Art Rental and Sales (ARS) program at the Vancouver Art Gallery.


Owner of Southern Cross Printing, Maxwell works closely with many of Australia's leading and upcoming photographers bringing incredible landscape images to life, in print daily.


An approachable laid back photographer, always inspired by being in the moment, as much as he is capturing the moment unfolding. Based on the Gold Coast, an avid surfer growing up, he has always had a passion for the ocean, nature and adventure, it's that connection with the elements

that continually inspires him.


Maxwell brings to the OOAK crew, a knowledge for capturing beautiful images, and also the finer aspects of preparing your images for print, and then making them sing on fine art papers.


TAKASHI is a photographer who's Mt Fuji photo was adopted as the cover of Ntional geographic Traveler magazine June/July issue 2018.


In the early summer of 2011, he met amazing view of Mt Fuji floated on sea of clouds and the beautiful scenery that a swan shining in the morning sun swim in front of Mt Fuji which appeared from the fog. From that moment he began taking Mt Fuji photos in earnest.

Since then, he has produced many works. His work is very varied with transparent beautiful colors, dynamic contrasts in monochrome, blue ink series that is deep and remembered.


You may be able to wait for the best moment over a long time if you can shoot the mountain of Mt Fuji at the dawn of a godly beauty. The sight that you can meet then fascinates you and does not let it go.


A sky of the stars reflected on the quiet lake surface. A photogenic spot unique to Japan where you can feel the history. If you are lucky you may be able to see the silver white landscape covered with snow. It will surely remain in your heart forever as the best Japanese winter landscape.

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